Louise Thompson Talks Binky, Alik Alfus And Working Out

There’s no denying that Louise Thompson has an ah-mazing figure.

We can currently see the 25-year-old showcasing her bod on Made In Chelsea LA every Monday night – and she didn’t give up on her exercise regime after filming ended.

In fact, Louise has revealed *exactly* how she’s kept in shape since her trip across the pond.

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‘When I came back from LA, I did a lot of working out, but more Reformer Pilates and a couple of classes,’ she tells the Daily Mail.

‘I get bored doing stuff on my own so it’s nice to have the motivation of other people and it’s quite fun because there’s music and everyone gets really into it.

‘It’s basically on these benches that have springs, and you use weights as well. It’s a full-body workout. It gets your heart-rate up a little bit but it’s not too intensive.’

Louise thinks there’s a pretty significant reason as to why she’s been so motivated with her routine in recent weeks – her boyfriend Alik Alfus.

> Louise Thompson has been dating Alik Alfus since last year


As we know from watching their smitten antics on MIC, Louise and Alik are seriously loved-up.

But they’re currently having to maintain a long-distance relationship as New Yorker Alik has moved back to his home city to focus on his business.

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‘At the moment I’m back in London and not having Alik around actually motivates me to get more stuff done because we get really lazy and just get takeaways. You also go out for dinner more [when you’re a couple] as well,’ says Louise.

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‘I think he’s trying to lose weight as well. He’s got a personal trainer living with him in The Hamptons at the moment. I wish I was there.’

The couple aren’t the only MICers who’ve been working on their physiques. Binky Felstead has also been spending plenty of time at the gym.

However, she and Louise aren’t so focused on their fitness levels that they’ve sacrificed everything naughty (girls after our own hearts, then).

> Binky Felstead has been spending time at the gym


‘Binky’s working out a lot. She’s like me, it’s all or nothing, so we go through phases,’ adds Louise.

‘We really want to be healthy but we just have more important things going on in our lives. We enjoy ourselves too much.’

We feel you!