Did You Ever Notice *This* About Louise Thompson’s Tummy?

Louise Thompson has been bowling everyone over with her new, super toned bod since she upped her fitness game in a big way a few months ago.

The 26-year-old’s managed to sculpt her petite figure via months of ruthless gym sessions, and is now boasting a set of honed abs that even Millie Mackintosh would be jealous of.

But last night, fans of the Made In Chelsea star weren’t gawping at her six pack when she shared another sexy bikini selfie – instead, talk turned to the scar across Louise’s tummy.

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The Chelsea beauty shared a shot of herself wearing white knickers and a black bandeau, with her gorgeous brunette waves hanging loose around her shoulders.

In the image, a white scar is visible just above Weez’s belly button – and Louise addressed it immediately.

‘Meal prep time’, she captioned the snap. ‘Note to self: keep @proteinworld coconut oil in the fridge when in sunny climes or things get messy.’



‘I got the scar from scaling a gate, any tips on how to rid?’ she added.

Ouch. Poor Weez – that must have hurt.

But fans quickly chimed in, offering their advice in how to lessen the appearance of scars.

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‘Organic Rosehip seed oil amazing for scars’, wrote one. ‘Coconut oil fades scars. I used it on one I had on my leg and now it’s almost invisible’, shared another.

‘Bio oil works a treat’, said another.

However, one MIC fan had a very different response to Louise’s request. ‘Forget the scar..how did you get those abs’, they asked. LOL.

Looks like you still can’t detract from those abs, Weez. And if you ask us? Embrace the scar. It’s what makes us all unique!