Louise Thompson Debuts A Brand New Look

Louise Thompson has been keeping fans guessing all night, after posting an Instagram snap hinting at a dramatic new look. 

Yesterday evening, the Made In Chelsea star shared a behind the scenes photo from the hairdresser’s hot seat.


The picture included a handful of different colour swatches in varying shades, from ice blonde through to the darkest of browns. 

Louise captioned her picture: ‘Coffee and colour @hairofthebird guess which colour I’m going for?’ 

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The reality star’s Instagram followers soon went into a frenzy, with many venturing to guess which shade she would soon be strutting along the Chelsea cobbles with. 


The majority seemed to believe she was taking the dramatic dive into platinum blonde, but she finally unveiled her brand new look this morning. 

In a series of sultry selfies, Louise debuted her dark black tresses. Perfectly complimenting her signature ‘liner flick, the MIC star softened her gothic look with a pretty pink lip. 

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We have to say, we LOVE IT. 

The 25-year-old has been receiving quite a bit of abuse across social media, after being caught drunk kissing someone that wasn’t long-distance boyfriend Alik Alfus.

Last night on Made In Chelsea, viewers watched on as the couple dealt with the aftermath. 


Louise seemed to be anticipating further backlash, as she captioned her hair selfie: ‘Black is back. Cue jokes about it representing my soul.’

Oh, the sass. 

Although Louise says that she thinks it ‘looks like a wig’, her followers seem to approve of the new shade. One user wrote: ‘yaaaaasssss it looks so good’.

We couldn’t agree more.