This Photo Of Lottie Tomlinson Caused A *Big* Argument

There’s no denying that Lottie Tomlinson is one of the most talented teens out there.

Despite being just 17, Lottie – who’s the younger sister of One Direction’s Louis – is already a super-successful make-up artist.

Proving this, it was announced back in May that she’d become an ambassador for Nails Inc. She said at the time: ‘We’ve got amazing things to come.’



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And she wasn’t wrong. Lottie’s since given us a sneak peek of her Good As Gold spray polish on Instagram. Which we want… BAD.

Last week, Lottie captioned a photo of herself sporting the varnish: ‘Close up of my good as gold spray can with @nailsinc. What do you all think? Pleaaaase sign up to the wait list, link in bio.’

> It was this image that got people talking


But unfortunately for Lottie, this snap ended u causing a bit of an argument. Eep. It wasn’t actually the product that got people talking. Instead, it was the rest of her make-up.

One follower tagged a friend in the shot, writing: ‘I rlly don’t think this make up goes? Supposed to be a make up artist what u doin Lottie. That lip with that eye??? Nah I don’t like it [sic].’

Her pal replied: ‘Looks kinda gross tbh.’

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Now, the rest of Lottie’s fans weren’t going to stand for this. One responded: ‘Good for you. YOU don’t like it. Well she does so that’s all that matters.’

However, the original poster was keen to explain herself, hitting back: ‘But woah pls chill. I love her make up usually, just saying personally this isn’t a look I would go for.

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> Lottie Tomlinson isn’t afraid to experiment with make-up



‘Did I @ you looking for a reply to you? Did I ask for your opinion when I sent that comment to my friend, who I’m sure you can see I tagged? If she likes it she can wear it, but I dislike the look and wouldn’t say that it was a good one.

‘The purple with the eye colour just doesn’t work for me. No need to get so defensive and aggressive over nothing sweetie xx.’

This led to the reply: ‘Well no one asked for the negativity either. And last time I checked, saying that she likes it and that’s all that matters, isn’t being aggressive.



‘Idc if you usually like it, if you don’t then just don’t say anything. There’s no use saying that you don’t like it.’

Crikey. We think those two will have to agree to disagree. But if it’s any consolation Lottie, we think you look AH-mazing.