Lottie Tomlinson Is Releasing Her Very Own Lip Kit

Move over Kylie Jenner - Lottie's got a brand new Lip AND Nail Kit... without the crazy shipping fees!

At 18-years-old Lottie Tomlinson has a preeeeeetty enviable day job. After assisting make-up artist Lou Teasdale on tour with One Direction, Lottie’s gone on prettify the faces of Louisa Johnson and Selena Gomez and has collaborated with Nails Inc on her own line of Nails Inc Spray Cans. But it’s Lottie’s latest launch that’s got us seriously excited. We chatted with the mega-babe about her brand new Matchbox Lip and Nail Kits, her fave beauty bits and crazy instagram trends…

1 more day till my matchbox is in stores !!!! ? hope you all like it ??? #LOTTIEXNAILSINC @nailsinc

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Hiiii Lottie! Can you tell us a bit about your Matchbox Lip and Nail Kits – where would you wear each shade and what do the names mean?!

“I named each of the products in the Matchbox kits after words me and my friends use a lot – so there’s names like Buzzin’, Babes, Mint and Salt… My favourite is probably the Rascal and Hell combo – which is a hot orangey red shade, but right now I’m wearing Out-Out and Buzzin’ together, ‘cos they’re good day-to-night hot pink colours.”

“The Babes and Mint combo is definitely like, the ‘Kylie Jenner’ shade… and Louisa Johnson would look good in the Salt and Sick everyday nude combo”

At 18, you’ve got a job so many girls would kill for. What are your top tips for people who want to work in the beauty industry?

“Just keep going really. There’s definitely times where you feel like you’re not getting anywhere and to just give up, but I’ve been really lucky and you can’t be scared to start at the bottom… It does take time. And you’ve just got to be confident!

You’ve previously done Selena Gomez’s and Louisa Johnsons makeup – If you could do any celebs makeup – who would it be?

“I mean it’s gotta be the Kardashians. I feel like that’s every makeup artists dream right now! Doing Kylie’s makeup would be amazing cos she experiments a lot”

Your skin always looks amazing – what’s your skincare routine like?

“Thaaaaanks. I’ve got quite oily skin, and I actually use the men’s Kiehl’s Facial Fuel Scrub every night ‘cos it’s amazing and really helps combat oil. I cleanse with the Bliss Blood Orange & White Pepper Soapy Suds – love that stuff, and I use a La Roche Posay oil-free moisturiser.

“In terms of make-up though, I always always carry a Paw Paw lip balm with me… obvs right now I’m never leaving the house without one of my new Matchbox kits ‘cos that’s got both your lips and nails sorted, oh and I loooooove the Tarte concealer too.”

What are your fave instagram beauty trends of the moment?

“There’s a really weird new trend that I’ve seen – where people pack translucent powder all over their face with a beauty blender and then dunk their head in a bowl of water and let it dry… and apparently it gives you a flawless foundation finish. I mean, it sounds weird I dunno if I’m gonna be doing that one but it looks like it works!?”

Mmmm we’re not sure about that one!? Do you have any big beauty regrets?

“I don’t really regret many make-up looks I’ve tried out ‘cos I feel like you kinda just learn from them. Although actually… years ago I used to shave between my eyebrows! That wasn’t a good look… That’s defo a regret. Thank god they grew back!”

??? wearing Lottie Lip paint in rascal today, out next week ? @nailsinc #matchbox

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How do you keep your icy-white hair in good condition?

“I mean, it’s really not in that good condition right now haha, but I do try and do a lot of treatments. I use the BLEACH Restoration Mask nearly every time I wash my hair and that does actually really help with the damage from bleaching”

And finally, the big question – what’s your favourite Snapchat filter?!

“It’s gotta be the dog. You just can’t go wrong with it, can you?! The gold leaf one was actually my favourite but it’s gone… it’s so annoying it made you look well fit.”

Lottie’s Nails Inc Matchbox Kits launch on the 26th October – available at Boots and Nails Inc , £15