What model-worthy locks? We sure do!

LOOK Loves: Windle And Moodie’s New Wonder Hair Tool!

Want stunning, shiny hair in seconds? What girl wouldn’t!

Thanks to Windle and Moodie’s new wonder tool those glamorous locks are now only moments away!

Follow these easy steps for some seriously show-stopping hair

  • Step One: After shampooing apply Bumble & Bumble Styling Crème, £19, to your hair, then dry.
  • Step Two: Brush through to remove tangles
  • Step Three: Section your hair into manageable amounts, place the first section on the barrel and use the clamp to secure it.
  • Step Four: Slowly rotate the barrel, ensuring your hair is securely around the barrel once and continue to rotate the barrel using the rotating grip.
  • Step Five: Once the barrel has reached the top of your head and all the hair is wrapped securely around it, hold for a few seconds before releasing the hair.
  • Step Six: Continue this technique until you have finished all of your hair then once it’s all cooled down brush it out using your fingers.

Now this tool is no one-trick pony, follow the next steps for a miraculous root lift (perfect for putting a little spring into your step)

  • Step One: Insert the iron at the roots of your section and place your hair around the barrel.
  • Step Two: Close the clamp and slowly rotate back and forth – you’ll have amazing root volume in seconds.


WAM Revolving Iron £75 available at Liberty. The Windle and Moodie Salon, Radio Salon and www.windleandmoodie.co.uk KM