LOOK Loves: The New Multi-Tasking Hair Products By Batiste

New for 2011 and one to add to our list of hair-styling must-haves, Batiste have introduced ‘Tones’, the latest in dry shampoo technology. Available in a range of colours to suit every hairstyle, from light-blonde to dark-deep brown, they disguise root regrowth and even cover up stray greys. However, never one to follow rules, LOOK will be using this to channel the dip-dye look we so love – a la Drew Barrymore. Mist on one of the two new brunette shades to the upper section of your bleached or lighter locks et voila – instant style update and a grease-free barnet. Cancel that root touch-up appointment ladies, you’re bang on-trend! KS

Just scroll down to see more celebrity hairstyle pictures of 2011’s latest hair trend: dip dye