LOOK Loves: Charles Worthington Takeaways

We’re forever trying to limit our holiday beauty essentials for fear of exceeding our luggage allowance, and so it only makes sense that Charles Worthington Takeaways have become our go-to minature range.

With more than five different variations available to suit every sort of hair type, we really can’t get enough of them. Aside from packing them in our suitcases ahead of that beach getaway, we’ve been popping them in our gym bags and even keeping them on our desks (for that horrific hair emergency).

Our favourite right now are these cute summery Sunshine versions – the most practical way to protect your hair against all those nasty chlorine and swimming pool chemicals, plus the drying effects of all that holiday sun.

If you fancy winning a year’s suppy of Charles Worthington Takeaways, then simply head to Wireless Festival 2012 and get your fab festival ‘do snapped by LOOK. Interested? Find out more about this fab beauty comp here – you could even win a fab new wardrobe too! HG