A Look Into Hailey Baldwin’s Life

'I had to shut it off for a minute. It was too much. I was kind of going through a time, through some stuff and I just didn’t want it any more.'

If you’re wondering whether Hailey Baldwin looks like she does on her Instagram, the answer is, yes, she does. From the moment I sat down to chat with the Insta It-girl in Paris I realised that, unlike a lot of celebrities she clearly doesn’t edit her photos. One of the models-of-the-moment, along with friends Kendal Jenner and Bella Hadid; she has otherworldly skin and a perfectly shaped mouth. It’s easy to see why she is a social media sensation. Confident, cool and refreshingly honest, Miss Baldwin means business…

G: Your social media following is crazy, how does it feel to share your life with 10 million people?

H: It just changed yesterday…Imagine if you’d said you’d just checked and it had popped back down! That actually happened to me once. I had hit 6million or something and then it went right back down. It did go back up, but it was still kind of crazy. I enjoy people seeing my personality and getting a look into my life. I try to post a combination of work and personal life, things that I think are funny and silly and that I like. I just put up whatever I want.

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G: Do you ever feel like one day you might take a break from it all?

H: Well I did during Christmas. I had to shut it off for a minute. It was too much. I was kind of going through a time, through some stuff and I just didn’t want it any more. I didn’t want be on there or to see anything. It was a bit of a mental health break.

G: Yeah you can definitely get caught up in it. How do you deal with social media trolls?

H: I kind of ignore them, I used to respond to people but that just makes it worse. That’s the problem, people get attention and that’s what they want.


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G: Who would you say you look up to most in the modelling industry?

H: The supermodels from the past because they are still killing it! Christy Turlington, Claudia Schiffer, Cindy Crawford…

G: Lets say you wake up with a massive pimple the day before a show, what would you do?

H: Oh, I’m so psycho about my skin. First I freak out like…really? Did this really happen? I take such good care of my skin so it doesn’t usually happen but sometimes for no reason my skin will break out – it’s like what have I ever done to you? I have medicines I will use on a spot from my dermatologists. You just have to be patient.

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G: What is the weirdest beauty treatment you have ever had?

H: I use a lotion from this dermatologist who came and took blood from my arm. They spin it in this machine and separate the blood cells and then they put it into a cream just for you. I feel like that one is pretty peculiar!

G: On your Instagram you go without makeup a lot but equally you can look really glam. Which do prefer?

H: I prefer going natural. I actually think a lot of the time I’m prettier with a lot less.

G: And when would you say that you feel most beautiful?

H: I think when I’m freshly off a vacation in the summer. When I’ve worn no makeup every single day, in salt water…just not trying at all.

Just a little sun kissed

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G: Do you have a standout, hilarious beauty fail that you look back and think ‘I literally looked awful’?

H: Blue shadow and no eyebrows. What was thinking! I plucked them like crazy when I was younger but they grew back… Thank you God.

G: Have you always been body confident or is that something you picked up along the way with modelling?

H: I feel like I definitely had to learn how to take care of my body because I was a ballet dancer for so long so I didn’t have to worry about it, and then I stopped and I was like woah… you gained weight.

alright back 2 real life ✌🏼

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G: How do you work out now?

H: I do a bit of boxing, pilates, things like that.

G: How often do you work out?

H: Probably not as often as I should but it’s really hard.

G: Would you rather give up Instagram or chocolate?

H: Chocolate… oh wait! You know what, probably chocolate. I could live without it, it’s not my favourite dessert or anything. I have a sweet tooth for sure. I love doughnuts! Hmm… I do love chocolate though! I love macarons, especially vanilla macrons!

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G: What is your worst habit?

H: I bite my nails. It’s so bad.

G: Me too! I’ve never seen your nails look bad, though?

H: Really? I disagree! One of my friends used to tell me all the time, ‘If you come around here with cracked nail polish I can’t trust you. Girls that let their nails get cracked don’t care about themselves.’ And I said, ‘Shut up! I’m going to smack you. You’re going to yell at a girl for cracked nail polish!? There are lots of things that we could yell at you about!’

luck of the Irish

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G: You and Kendall are close, do you guys get to hang out quite often? You obviously both have very busy schedules…

H: Probably more than people think. A lot of the time I’m in LA and we will go and stay at her house and we will just stay in the house. I have loads of fun being at hers, we order in food and she has a really nice theatre in her house so we will sit in there and watch movies and TV shows. I remember over the holidays – probably for like three days – we just binge watched stuff. We had a night where we watched scary movies, a night where we watched Notting Hill and ate Thai food. We just chill out together.

Barbie vibezzzzz

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G: How many tattoos do you have?

H: 16

G: Which was the first one you got?

H: This one on the side of my wrist, it was my parents wedding date.

G: And which one holds the most meaning to you?

H: There’s a couple. I have that one and I have my sister’s middle name on my back. I have a g behind my ear for a friend of mine’s daughter who has a brain condition. And then I have the ones that mean nothing and they were just like for fun and because I felt like it.

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G: You are quite religious, how important is faith is in your daily life?

H: Probably the most important. That and my family.

G: What is the most important thing about growing up that nobody ever tells you? Something that you would have told yourself if you could.

H: I just think as you get older you start to see people for people, and people are really wild and just human. They aren’t perfect and you can’t expect back what you give to others. That is one thing over the past year that I think I’ve learned quite heavily. The way I act towards people and towards friends, they won’t always reciprocate it.