LOOK Gets The HD Brows Treatment: What You Need To Know

If like me you’ve spent hours, perhaps days trawling the Internet staring at celebrities brows, seemingly carved by angels, you will understand that brows are kind of a big deal.

They have the potential to shape and change your entire face, and a simple trip to a brow stylist can leave you looking like a new woman, or frighteningly, leave you resembling a back up dancer from the 80’s. We all want what seems impossible – brows shaped to perfection, without loosing any of that vital thickness. If they’re over shaped, I’ll be ten steps further from Cara D’s godly bushes – I hear you cry. Being a pretty low maintenance brow girl myself, believe me I thought the same, but HD Brows’ bespoke treatments truly have you covered.

In the brow-conscious 2014, Over plucked brows are basically a sin so entrusting someone with your brows is almost as stressful as entrusting someone with your child. What if they come out too dark, too thin, what if I don’t like the shape? In fear of all the above, I made sure I asked all the right questions and my wonderful HD brow technician assured me I was in the safest possible hands. She tells me that the most important thing is making sure your technician taylors your brows to your face. It’s all well and good you coming in with a folder full of celebrity brows, but if they don’t suit you, you are not going to like them.

First things first – tinting. She gets to work, coating my brows with a medium brown tint for only a minute. I must admit I was sceptical about this, as naturally my brows are quite dark, but rather then actually changing the colour, the tint picks up all the tiny lighter hairs in and around my brows so there is more to work with.

Next step, she creates the shape with waxing and moves on to threading to remove all the extra hairs, getting that clean, refined and super streamlined edge that every single Kardashain has mastered. Then it’s onto tweezing and trimming any strays that somehow (god knows how) have made it through the first military steps.

Finally, it’s time for products. She presents to me a brow pencil, Brow Tech in Vamp, £16, and explains she is going to use it to fill in any gaps and to add texture. The last step is Brow Beater, £14.95, a secret weapon setting lotion, so come rain or shine (or blizzard) they ain’t’ gonna budge!

And Voilla – perfectly preened catwalk worthy brows! I must say, my brows have NEVER even come close to looking this good, and what my superb (somewhat magic) technician has achieved, I could never come close to with my measly boots tweezers. My brows were not quite a hot mess before, but they certainly weren’t anything to write home about, but since my treatment I’ve had a host of people commenting on how marvellous they look! Not only that, but it’s given me an extra 5 minutes in the morning, that I would usually spend trying to make my brows look somewhat presentable – more minutes in bed is always a bonus.

Moral of the story, if like me you’re thinking about getting a brow treatment for party season, but are unsure where to go, head to your nearest HD Brow Bar for a truly bespoke brow treatment that’s pretty much the bees knees; you will not be disappointed.


By Gabrielle Dyer