This New Dry Shampoo *Actually* Cleans Your Hair

If, like us, the thought of washing your hair fills you with dread (aka, you just can’t be bothered), it’s likely that you’ll love this beauty newbie as much as we do.

The miracle buy in question? Living Proof’s new Healthy Hair Dry Shampoo, £22.

What makes it so special – and more importantly – worth splashing the extra cash on? Well the sci-fi like formula for start, it’s insanely intelligent, thanks to the ‘triple-action cleaning technology’, which essentially washes your hair (without the soap and water part).

First off the spray coats strands with a totally weightless, invisible shield, then a series of powders in the formula work to absorb and dissolve dirt and oil (rather than just masking it). The invisible shield creates a slip on your hair that – unlike a regular dry shampoo – allows the powders (containing all the dirt and oil) to be totally brushed out.


All that, AND it also contains a time-released fresh fragrance that keeps hair smelling clean throughout the day.

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When you first spritz the dry shampoo into roots, the spray leaves hair feeling a little stiff. But if you leave it for a minute to give the powders time to soak up the oil and dirt, then brush it out, your hair will look freshly washed, amazing right?

Whether you’ve been working out, or just can’t be bothered battling with the blow-dryer, we guarentee this dry shampoo will be your new bestie.