Perrie Edwards Gets A Romantic Tattoo Tribute To Zayn Malik

Perrie Edwards has been getting very experimental with body art.

The Little Mix girl, 21, unveiled two beautiful henna tattoos on Instagram this week, which reach from the tips of her fingers to her forearms.

Her designs are incredibly intricate and feature swirling lines and detailed patterns.

But there’s something extra-special about Perrie’s etchings. If you look closely at her right arm, you can just about see the outline of a heart among the expertly-applied ink.

Within the drawing are the initials ZM. Hmmmm. Now who could that be a dedication to? Her fiancé Zayn Malik, of course!

> Can you see the teeny heart?


How romantic is that?

> Perrie Edwards got engaged to Zayn Malik in August 2013


Perrie’s artwork was done by artist Pavan – who’s no ordinary tattooist. She’s actually the word’s fastest henna maestro, having been given the prestigious title by Guinness World Records.

In 2012, she painted a staggering 511 armbands in just one hour, beating her own record of 314.

Um. Wowzers.

But that’s not the only exciting thing about Perrie’s decision to work with Pavan. She’s actually an expert in bridal henna. Ooh!

Could this have been a trial run for Perrie and Zayn’s big day?

> Perrie Edwards and Zayn Malik are keeping schtum about their wedding plans


We wouldn’t be surprised if tattoos played a part in the couple’s nuptials – Zayn is a huge fan of getting inked. In fact, he’s also had one of his pieces talked about in recent days.

Fans have been a tad worried that Zayn, 22 – who left One Direction in March – is getting one of his 1D-related tatts removed.

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> Zayn Malik and Louis Tomlinson (R) both have the words Bus 1 inked on their bodies


He and ex-bandmate Louis Tomlinson both have the words ‘Bus 1’ scribed on their skin. However, Zayn’s appeared to have faded quite a bit when he arrived at Valentino’s Paris Men’s Fashion Week show last Wednesday.

> Zayn Malik’s tattoo has now faded


Luckily for Directioners, the Bradford-born singer soon cleared the rumours up. When a follower pondered on Twitter: ‘Maybe he didn’t get it retouched and it’s fading?’ he replied: ‘that’s correct 🙂 x.’