Little Mix On The One Thing They Never Fight About

Little Mix always look pretty glamorous, right?

Well, while they might be blessed with a make-up and styling team on hand for their red carpet events and TV appearances, when it comes to off-duty beauty, they’re a lot more low-key than you’d think.

In fact, the girls have just admitted that they’re hardly naturals when it comes to doing their own make-up. What?! And there we were thinking that they were all pros!

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jade thirlwall wig Who knew Jade was a secret make-up artist?


Explaining what they do when their make-up artist isn’t on hand, Perrie Edwards revealed: ‘We suffer and do it ourselves.’

‘We’ve just picked things up along the way’, she added about being surrounded by a glam team on a daily basis. ‘We did say we wanted to do a make-up course but we just don’t have time!’ 

Jade Thirlwall, however, has been harbouring a secret talent – hello, make-up-artist-in-the-making! Because did you know that she actually studied lip gloss and liner back at school?

little mix glitter dressing room It looks like there was a glitter explosion in Little Mix’s dressing room…


‘I did make-up at college’, she confessed. ‘But I feel like I’ve learnt more from Adam, my make-up artist, than I did at college.’

Perrie then chimed in to admit that when she wakes up, doing her slap is  pretty much the last thing on her mind. 

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perrie edwards doing her makeup Perrie admits she hates doing her make-up when she wakes up


‘I feel like we’re all getting better but it’s really hard when you’re half asleep in the morning’, she said.  

‘It’s nice to wake up and have your make-up and hair done for you’, Leigh-Annne added. ‘We’re so lucky to have that. But when we don’t have it, we’re like, “I can’t do this!”

When it comes to clothes, though, the girls thank the fact that they all have such differing styles, because it saves them tonnes of arguments.

perrie and leigh anne little mix The girls say their different styles means they don’t argue over clothes – phew!


‘Sometimes we style ourselves or sometimes we just have a load of clothes and we just pick out what we want’ Leigh-Anne explained. ‘It ends up like a jumble sale.’

‘Whats great is that all have our own individual styles, we love doing our own thing’, she added. ‘And it works, we don’t end up stealing each others clothes!’

little mix wooly hats The Little Mix ladies always have their glam team on standby…