Perrie Edwards Rocks Two Hot ‘Dos In New Video

Little Mix’s video for their new single Black Magic has landed!

And the girls look blimmin’ ah-mazing in it.

We’d already been treated to a teaser clip earlier this week, which saw them dress up as high school geeks and Jade Thirlwall endure a *very* awkward fall.

Jade Thirlwall falling over in the video for Black Magic Jade Thirlwall’s fall looks pretty painful


But in the longer version, it’s revealed that a falling book had hit Jade on the head and cause her to lose her balance. AND that it was magic.

Ahhh. So that’s where the song title came from!

After that, Jade and her bandmates use the bewitched hardback to transform themselves into the super-hot stylistas we know them as.

Perrie Edwards with purple hair in the Black Magic music video Perrie Edwards sports bright purple locks


As Perrie Edwards goes through her makeover, her hair turns bright purple. She’s later seen sporting feather accessories in her locks.

Perrie Edwards in the Black Magic music video Perrie Edwards works feathers in her hair


Leigh-Anne Pinnock rocks a half-up braided topknot while Jesy Nelson has 90s-style wraps and Jade looks polished with her sleek honey blonde ‘do.

They’re all wearing cute co-ords and wow with flawless make-up. But despite looking so beaut in the video, the girls do have some insecurities.

Earlier this week, Jade admitted on Twitter that she feels like she’s damaged her hair by styling it too often.

When asked by a fan whether she prefers her locks curly or straight, she replied: ‘depends on mood! My natural curls are harder to handle but hate that it’s not as curly anymore cos I’ve blow dried it too much!’

Jade Thirlwall with her naturally curly hair Jade Thirlwall’s hair is naturally curly


If it’s any consolation Jade, we think your wavy mane is ah-mazing.

Jade, 22, also told fans that shooting the fall sequence was pretty painful, revealing: ‘my legs and hands were all bruised!I genuinely think I fell over about 100 times that day lol n u can’t fake a fall!’ Ouch!

When asked about her love life, Jade – who split from Diversity’s Sam Craske last year – wrote the mysterious Tweet: ‘a lady never tells! In the words of Destinys Child I’m an INDEPENDENT WOMAN. I don’t need no maaayynnn.’


We’ve gotta say, the girls are barely even recognisable without their usual hot ‘dos and on-trend outfits at the start of the Black Magic video.

Little Mix in the video for Black Magic Er. What’s going on here?!


Perrie, 21, has ditched her sleek look in favour of ill-fitting cords, a personalised cap and a rucksack while Jade is sporting thick-rimmed specs, a messy ponytail and a grandad-style knitted vest.

The Little Mix girls in the video for Black Magic We can barely recognise the Little Mix girls!


Jesy looks far younger than her 23 years with girlie pigtails and a waistcoat and Leigh-Anne, 23, is working a 90s trend with baggy jeans and a blue scrunchie in her locks.

But despite their dodgy outfits and the fact that none of them appear to be wearing any make-up, they still manage to look totally gorge.

Little Mix in the video for Black Magic The Little Mix girls somehow manage to pull this look off


Unfair much?!