How To Make Your Own Liquid Lipstick

Amazing advice from beauty blogger, Zohra.

We’re all familiar with that disappointed feeling when a semi-old but still useable lipstick starts to fade. We all have our favourite colours. And some shades are simply irreplaceable.

Yes, some of us have more unloved lipsticks lying around than we like to admit. But beauty blogger, Zohra, has found a way jazz up our lipsticks so that they are bold, bright and glossy. You will have lips like Kylie Jenner in no time.

Insta users everywhere are obviously enjoying the sheeny look as Zohra has now recieved over 1.7 million views. It’s totally worth checking out. And an excellent excuse to unleash our inner artist on our makeup products.

This is one for the self confessed beauty-hoarder.

Watch and learn.

So this is how it works. She chops off the top of the lipstick and condenses it before blending it with a face primer. Then, she pops the mixture into a syringe and squeezes the smooth liquid it into a tube. Easy.


Not only is this a useful and convenient hack, but it’s super satisfying watching the lipstick powder blur into the primer.

Of course, health and safety must be taken into account, cosmetic expert Ginger King told Allure “You need to be very careful for [DIY] lip products as the product applied can be ingested.” But there’s no denying that Zohra looks good.

We see a new trend on the horizon!

By Shannan Sterne