The World’s First Liquid Chrome Nail Varnish Is Here

It's the day the WORLD'S been waiting for...

Since the end of 2016, chrome nails have been one of the biggest trends to take over Instagram, and were even the number one trend for nails on Pinterest for 2017. Sadly for us, there’s only one way to achieve the look, and that’s by visiting the salon.

Not only pricier, it also takes a whole lot longer than applying a quick coat of varnish before running out the door. To achieve the look it can take up to two hours, as the manicurist buffs the nails with lashings of metallic powder to achieve the desired look.

Until now.

Thanks to nail giants Ciaté London, the world’s first liquid mirror chrome nail varnish is about to be released, making the manicure of dreams a whole lot easier to achieve, without the need for gel or powder. After a lengthy 3 years in the making, Ciaté took to Instagram to unveil their new product which is due to launch soon. While no further details have yet been released, you can expect to pay upwards of £12.00 for the new metallic marvel.

Can’t wait until then? Check out their SS17 Nail Pot collection which features gorgeous iridescent shades to make all your mermaid dreams come true.