Say Hello To The Newest Lip Plumping Product

Full, luscious lips are the in thing right now.

Since Kylie Jenner got her lips plumped with fillers, we have been all over ways to get fuller lips in a flash.

Instagram: @lelebefun

While some people might opt for getting fillers of their own, many people love to try less permanent and less costly ways to get fuller lips.

In fact, people have become a little bit obsessed with giving more power to their pout (see the Kylie Jenner Lip Challenge as an example).

Which is why you’ll be thrilled to know there’s a new lip plumping trend that’s stepped onto the beauty scene involving plumping lip balms, serums and lipsticks that give you a quick lip fix.

One in particular that Instagram is loving right now is this gold coloured lip mask created and sold by skincare brand Ms. Soho.

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The funny looking lip mask is made from a bunch of skin loving ingredients such as Collagen, Vitamin C and 24 CARET GOLD (we know), designed to plump and hydrate. Interesting….

To get the maximum plumping effect of the mask, the brand recommends using one a day for three days – results are said to last for up to a month. Pretty impressive, no?

Instagram: @thefashionfreakk

Handily, beauty lovers around the world are taking to Instagram to demonstrate how to use the mask, as well as to share their results.

Most seem to love the effects, however businesswoman and beauty guru Huda Beauty is still a little taken aback by the mask’s appearance. ‘In all honesty, it plumped my lips a little, but using this was so weird!’ she said in her review. LOL.

Instagram: @hudabeauty

Despite the mixed reviews, we kind of love the whole idea behind giving our lips their own little pamper mask every now and then!

You can buy the masks for $25 on Ms.Soho’s website.

By Catherine Delves