So *This* Is The Biggest Lip Liner Mistake We’re Making

Think you’re a Kylie Jenner-style lip liner expert? Well, we’ve got a quick question for you.

Did you know there’s been a huge change in the way your favourite make-up product has been made over the past decade?

As make-up artist Suzie Kim explains to E! Online: ‘In the past, lip liner was always a must mostly due to the lack of pigment in lipsticks.

Kylie Jenner is a liner pro


[It] basically kept the lip colour from feathering out and also locked the colour in longer.’

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But the cosmetics industry has transformed since the early 00s. Remember the days when we used to draw a solid line around our mouths?!

Christina Aguilera’s 00s liner look is *totally* out


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Now we have access to so many amazing lipsticks, liners are basically only needed to help emphasise the shape of our pouts.

Of course, this means we’re using them more and more. And potentially, using them wrong more and more.

Gigi Hadid favours a natural look


So what’s the biggest liner mistake we’re guilty of? Suzie continues: ‘I think the most awkward look I’ve seen is when the overdrawn lip liner is a lot darker than the lipstick shade.’

To combat this, you should ‘try to pick a colour as close to your lipstick shade as possible or slightly darker for contour effect.’

Suzie also has some great advice to help us become liner pros. She says: ‘When it comes to all the new long-lasting lip liners (which I absolutely love and use all the time), you have to make sure you’re not just lining your lips.

Khloe Kardashian is a big fan of lip make-up


‘Fill them in by brushing lip liner all over the lips as well. Because these liners have such great staying power, I noticed whenever my clients’ lipstick colors would wipe away, they’d be left with a strong line from these heavy duty lip liners.

‘You can get a great soft matte lip look if you just top that off with a great lip balm.’

Ooh. We’re heading straight to the make-up counter…