8 Life Changing Lip Hacks Every Girl Needs To Know

I think we can all agree, lips are kind of a big deal. If you’ve ever slicked on a statment lippie and suddenly felt like a million dollars you’ll know the power of a pristine pout. Which is why we’ve brought to you the tools, tips and tricks you need to get a modelesque mouth. Whatever your lip predicament, we’ve got the answer. Take notes ladies…

The Flake Fighter

Problem: Chapped, cracked lips that are in need of some TLC.

Solution: Massage Frank Body’s Lip Scrub And Lip Balm Duo, £11.95, into your lips daily, then tissue off. If you don’t have a scrub to hand, a disposable mascara wand works just as well at sloughing away dead skin and increasing the blood flow. Follow with an intensive lip treatment like Laneige’s Lip Sleeping Mask, £14.90, Apply a thick layer before you go to sleep and you’ll wake up to your softest pout yet.

Pout Perfecting Primer

Problem: Your lip colour keeps cracking.

Solution: Make a lip primer your first step and you’ll avoid your lipstick setting into any cracks. Smooth it out with Tarte’s Rainforest Of The Sea Lipsaver Treatment Primer, it’s our go-to fine-line fighting formula.

Bye, Bye Bleed

Problem: A bleeding lip line

Soulution: Forget feathering, apply The Body Shop’s Lip Liner Fixer, £8, just outside of your lip line and you’ll keep your colour where you want it all day.

Pro Tip: Apply your favourite lip liner on top of your invisible liner and it will help hold it in place for longer.

No Needle Lip Plump

Big lips are all the rage (thanks, Kylie!), but, contrary to popular belief you really don’t need to visit a surgeon to get a Rosie Huntington Whiteley worthy pout. Follow these simple steps and you’ll cheat a fuller mouth in under five minutes…

Step by step pout plumper From left to right, here’s how to get the plumpest pout EVER!

Step 1. Apply foundation all over your mouth, this will help conceal your lip line and will mute out the natural colour of your lips.

Step 2.  Take your liner just outside the line natural line of your mouth and overdraw your lips, shade in the corners then draw a few lines around the inner edges of both lips.

Step 3. Using a lip brush, take your lipstick and start applying it to the corners of your mouth, working your way towards the center.

Step 4. Tidy up any edges by dipping a clean lip brush into some concealer and taking it around the edges of your lips. Finish off with a high shine gloss.

Lip Glow Trio

Problem: You want a more prominent looking pout sans liner


1.    Line your lips with Dior’s latest lip-contour boosting formula, Dior Addict Lip Glow Liner, £20.50.

2.    Slick on Givenchy’s Le Rouge perfecto in Perfect Pink, £20, it works with your ph levels  and enhances the natural colour of your lips, for a truly personalized pink flush.

3.    For definition take Cover fx’s Perfect Pencil Concealer, £15, and draw around the outline of your lips. The colour contrast will make your mouth pop.
DIY Spring Lip Stain

Problem: You love the colour but it’s too strong

Solution: Transform a punchy, pigmented lip colour into a softer shade by applying it using a fluffy eyeshadow brush. Dip Spectrum’s Shady Lady A06 brush, £4.99, into the end of your lipstick and lightly buff into your lips. Or, try MAC’s hybrid gloss and stain formula, Fusion Versicolour Stain Lipgloss in Tattoo My Heart, £20, for a barely there blush of coral.

Make Me Matte

Problem: You’ve found your new favourite shade but it’s not the texture you wanted.
Solution: Matte lips are still huge right now, but unfortunately for us not every lipstick has a velvet counterpart. Keep Cargo’s Matte Top Coat, £14, on hand and other matte lippies.

Long-Wear Powder Trick

Problem: By the middle of the day your colour starts to disappear

Solution: Arm yourself with tissue paper and some loose powder to fight colour fade. Press a sheet of tissue on top of your lips and blot the colour, then using a brush apply a thin layer of loose, translucent powder, like Make Up Forever’s HD Powder, £22, all over. Finish with another layer of your lip colour, for smack-proof staying power.