Can We Really Use Limes As Natural Deodorant?

If you like the idea of using natural products in your beauty routine, or reducing the amount of chemicals you’re putting onto your skin, listen up.

Beauty blogger Farah Dhukai, who has made headlines in the past with claims that rubbing raw onions on your eyebrows will help them grow faster, is now making waves with the idea that fresh limes can be used as a natural deodorant.

Yep, just some limes.


Sharing her beauty hack on Instagram, Farah writes: “Its so hard to find a deodorant that keeps me dry and odor free all day without reapplying.”

“This DIY deodorant not only kept me extremely dry in this hot and humid Miami weather, it kept me smelling fresh all day!”

Intrigued? Here’s how Farah does it…



“Cut the lime into small little pieces and store in the fridge – or you can juice the lime and use it with a cotton round,” she explains.

“Apply the lime juice directly to your underarm after showering. Do not do this right after shaving cuzzzzzz it stiiinnggzzzzz! Let it dry completely and then go on with your day.

“Avoid sun exposure or tanning when you do this regimen.”

So, does it really work?

Well, the answer may depend on what you expect from your deodorant. If it’s simply a natural alternative you’re looking for that helps to keep you smelling fresher than if you used nothing at all, go for the lime!

If you need super duper no-chance-of-a-sweat-patch all-day protection however, you might be disappointed with this one.

Body Unburdened carried out their own lime juice experiment to determine whether the tales were true, and reported mixed results.

Let us know if you stage your own experiment!

By Amy Lewis