Lily Allen Turns 30: Beauty Talk With The Birthday Girl

Happy Birthday Lily Allen! The songstress turns the big 3-0 today, preparing for the milestone by transforming her barnet into a rainbow creation (we approve). She’s been posting a series of cryptic pics on her Instagram in the lead up to her birthday bash, with cases full of seemingly random objects – including a pair of Reebok classics, a handbook on synonyms and antonyms, and a microphone. What does this all mean? We don’t have a clue, but whatever Lily’s up to, we’re sure the party will be wacky but wonderful in equal measures. 

We sat down for a chat with Lily and grilled her on all things hair, beauty and health, from eccentric personal trainers to beauty icons. Here’s what she had to say…

I cant live without my facialist…
I see her every few weeks without fail. She’s based at the Cadogan Clinic in London and she does everything from extractions to lasers and red light therapy, which is great for me as it helps with the Rosacea (red, uneven skintone) I get when I’m really stressed.

I absolutely hate massages…
I literally sit down and want to get up straight away, I’m way too impatient.

I always take my make-up off at night…
Well, when I’m not too out of it. I love using ZO cleanser, it’s got tiny micro beads in it to help exfoliate. I like to buff it in with my Clarisonic Aria, £155 which I’m now totally obsessed with.

My clutch bag essentials for a night out are…
Eyelash glue for sure, they’re always peeling off which is never a good look. My nail glue, incase my falsies flick off. MAC’s lipstick in Morange, £15.50 I love it. Blotting papers cause I tend to get quite an oily T-zone and MAC Transparent Finishing Powder,£20.50 again to take down any shine.

My Top 5 Tired Reducing Products Are:

1.    I love the Brightening Lotion from Sensai, £45 it’s great.

2.    Then I apply Charlotte Tilbury’s Magic Cream, £70 it’s the best moisturizer I’ve ever used, I love it.

3.    Also Charlotte Tilbury’s Wonder Glow, £38.50 is just amazing at just perking up my skin when it’s grey and dull.

4.    I use NARS Liquid Foundation, £31 when I’m on tour, it’s the most long wearing.

5.    And white eyeliner inside my water line always makes my eyes look brighter and more awake.

I own over 200 nail polishes…I’ve counted!

My beauty icons are…
My sister and my mum. My sister more for beauty and my mum for style- she just has the most amazing collection of shoes and handbags.

I do my own hair and make-up on tour…
I once got a tutorial from my hairdresser at Real Hair and make-up lessons in one day to learn how to do different looks. It was so useful so now I just do it my self.

I exercise everyday, for an hour…
I usually do it at home, I hate going to the gym or working out in groups. I don’t use any machines or weights, just my own body weight, in either my bathroom or bedroom,

My trainer is an amazing 70 years old lady…
She turns up in an amazing black and white suit, then transforms into this all in one lycra leotard, and she’s never not wearing her red lipstick.



Annie Quinton