Why This Childhood Photo Of Leonardo DiCaprio Went Viral

This childhood snap of Leonardo DiCaprio is pretty adorable, huh?

Taken in 1976, it shows the 41-year-old actor clad in a teeny Breton tee and being lifted up by his proud parents George and Irmelin. Aw.

The photo emerged on History In Pictures‘ Facebook page two days after the actor’s Oscar win last month. And as expected, it ended up going viral.

> The photo was originally shared to celebrate Leonardo DiCaprio’s Oscar triumph


But it wasn’t Leo’s cherubic little face or his Academy Awards achievement that got people talking.

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Instead, the majority of the discussion was focused on his mum. Or more specifically, her armpits. Right.

If we zoom further out of the snap, you’ll notice that Irmelin is rocking a natural pit of hair, fully exposed in her vest top as she happily holds her son on her shoulder.

> Apparently, Irmelin’s armpit hair is the most interesting part of this photo


Some of the commenters expressed disgust, with messages including: ‘Mom is even more hairy than Dad!’ and: ‘Wow…that dude has some ugly parents…especially mommy with her beaver hair under her armpits.’

However, plenty of others spoke with support and positivity.

One wrote: ‘The ignorance is ridiculous. Not every woman has to shave to appease you,’ while another said: ‘The man is a great actor….just proven by the top award actors can receive yet the majority of these comments are all over his mother…..what a shallow world we live in!!!!!’


> Julia Roberts flashed her armpit hair at the London premiere of Notting Hill


Of course, Irmelin isn’t the only woman to ever go au naturel. Julia Roberts famously flaunted her armpit hair at the 1999 premiere of Notting Hill, and Drew Barrymore did the same at Olympus Fashion Week in 2005.

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Miley Cyrus recently become an advocate of the hairy look, posting Instagram photos of both natural and dyed fuzz in a bid to empower women. Girls‘ Jemima Kirke and Madonna have also got involved.

> (L-R) Madonna, Miley Cyrus and Jemima Kirke have all gone au naturel


Personally, we believe women should be encouraged to style their pits however they want. Shaved or natural, it’s totally up to you.

And congrats again, Leo!