These Sprays Will Change Your Hair In 30 Seconds

The lazy girl's guide to getting great locks summer...

How long do we have in the morning? Not long enough. And when we’re in a rush it’s usually our hair that suffers – because lets face it we can get away with bad hair more than we can messy makeup.

But a new wave of quick fixes are here to get our strands looking better in seconds.

Each one fulfils a specific need, all the while conditioning and strengthening, helping you look after your hair long term.

Spray on, leave in and go!


Body Builder

Less Is More Angelroot Volume Spray, £25

Want thicker, fuller looking locks without the feeling of weight on your hair? Us too. A few pumps of this super spray into towel-dried hair will strengthen each strand as it boosts for transformed tresses without the professional stylist.


Detangle Toner

Philip B PH Restorative Detangling Toning Mist, £27

Turns out toners aren’t just for your face. This clever concoction makes light work of a knotty head. A blend of 10 essential oils soften and restore while a touch of apple cider vinegar balances PH levels, removes excess residue and seals the hairs cuticles. Use when you’re bored of battling ratty ends and you want top get your gloss back, asap.


Root Booster

Original & Mineral Rootalicious Root Lift, £22

Unlike other hair raisers, this contains conditioning ingredients so wont leave your hair feeling chalky and dry. It works by forming an invisible barrier around the roots, helping to lift limp strands in seconds.


Frizz Repellent

Shea Moisture Fruit Fusion Weightless Texture Spray, £9.99

This blend of tropical fruits wont just leave your hair smelling delicious, each spray is an on the go treatment, repairing and protecting it from humidity. Say hi to silky, defined curls that don’t freak in the heat.


Blonde Brightener

Kevin Murphy Shimmer Me Blonde, £22

Get your dull blonde brighter, and lighter without even having to step in a shower. Enriched with pearlescent pigments and lavender, this shimmer spray helps lift your colour, while the mix of natural oils nourish. The ingredients keep working for 24 hours, so your shiny, softer hair will stay for good.