Donna Karan NYFW has kicked off a new braid trend

Learn How To Create The NYFW Braid That’s Like No Other

We thought we’d seen it all when it comes to braids. But we were wrong when we went backstage at Donna Karan earlier this week. Eugene Souleiman and his team created the nifty ‘3D rope braid’, and we managed to get a sneaky video as the stylists were hard at work, to show you how it’s done. Hair was separated into four strands and two stylists worked together, criss-crossing them underneath each other until they had a braid that reminded us of the gym ropes in PE lessons! Requiring at least two packs of extensions per model, this is the coolest ‘back-to-school’ braid we‘ve ever seen! Watch the video below to find out more about how to recreate it.

And if your locks aren’t long enough, why not try extensions instead? Easilocks Hollywood Ponytail, £36.99 is perfect for braiding!

By Viola Levy