Lazy Girl Beauty: How To Get An Extra Half An Hour In Bed

Hit snooze without the guilt with our guide to easy-peasy beautifying. Overnight masks, multi-purpose prods and the glowiest primers will give you more time in the sack.

Now that summer has officially bowed out and winter is (to quote Jon Snow) coming, getting out of bed has become very hard. Because we’re lazy. There are usually two choices. Wake up at silly o’clock to primp and preen our tired faces and scruffy locks into a vaguely smart appearance. Or hit snooze until there is only half an hour to brush teeth, hair and scramble into clothes before leaving.

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If neither of those appeal to you then welcome to the Lazy Girl’s Beauty Club. It’s not an exclusive club, we let anyone in who can’t be bothered with 5am starts to get their contouring on-fleek.

Give yourself an extra half an hour (or more) in bed and end up looking like Emily Ratajkowski (maybe) with our guide the the best beauty buys for lazy girls…

shisheido, overnight, mask, beauty

Overnight Mask

What could be better than beautifying while you sleep? Slather on this light, non-sticky gel before you hit the sack for a radiant glow the next morning. Packed with Vitamin C and E, the formulation also has Phytoplankton to plump skin. Shisheido Ibuki Sleeping Mask, £33

origins, maskimizer, beauty

Maximise Your Mask

If you *really* want to be a beauty swot, grab this to make your already hardworking mask work even harder. Thus giving you even more Gigi-alike skin. Origins potion preps the skin so that it is primed and ready to mask. It instantly improves hydration levels giving you hyper moisturised skin, post-mask. Origins Maskimizer, £18.50

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Sleeping Beauty

Fake tanning is a HASSLE. No matter which way you look at it, having to smear your face and bod with lotion that *could* streak and turn you a crazy shade of TOWIE is a struggle. Unless you invest in James Read’s incredible Sleek Mask Tan. The clear/opaque gel doesn’t smell terrible (bonus) and can be applied like a gel-based moisturiser. It absorbs quickly and doesn’t streak so you wake up looking like a glowy version of yourself minus any of the usual grossness of fake tanning. It’s also moisturising unlike many fake tans. James, you are a winter skin saviour. James Read Sleep Mask Tan Face, £25

beauty, this works, face

Multi-Face Saver

Got literally no time to sort out your face? You need a powerful lotion that will wipe away fatigue, boost luminosity and smooth any sleep-induced creases. Say hello to your new face BFF – This Works In Transit Camera Close-Up. It moisturisers, plumps and brightens whilst delivering a punch of caffeine to pump up skin. Great on its own as a dewy base or as a smoothing primer. This Works In Transit Camera Close-Up, £30

hair, beauty, bb

Lazy Girl’s Hair-o

Hair looking limper than a loser’s soggy bottomed cake on GBBO? Inject some life into it without having to step into the shower (we know this appeals to you) with a spray of BB’s Thickening Dry Spun Finish. Unlike many dry shampoos, Dry Spun doesn’t make hair feel heavy or caked in product. Instead a minimal spritz will add texture and thicken. Go hard on the nozzle and your ‘do will stay all day and smell like a dream. BB Thickening Dry Spun Finish, £22

estee lauder, beauty, double wear, foundation

Foundation Rules

This chubby foundation stick is *everything* for the lazy girl. Simply twist the gold end then dab and blend using the cushioned end. The result is dewy, lightweight coverage that lasts all day. Estee Lauder Double Wear Nude Cushion Stick Radiant Makeup, £20

sleep, beauty, hair

Sleeping Beauty Hair

Get a wonderful night’s sleep while your hair repairs and beautifies! The unique fragrance will send you off to the land of nod while This Works Sleep Plus Hair Elixir’s blend of botanical oils hydrate and smooth locks. This Works Sleep Plus Hair Elixir, 25

By Ellen Kerry