Why Layage Is The Perfect Look For Hair Dye-Phobics

Our Digital Writer (and self-confessed dye-shy) Anna headed to London's House Of Charles Worthington to get over her fear...

Hi. My name’s Anna, I’m LOOK‘s Digital Writer and I’m a hair dye-phobic.

Don’t get me wrong, I did once experiment with changing up my colour. But unfortunately, it was when I was 16 and mid-00s chunky highlights were what all the girls in GCSE English were going for.

To cut a long story short, I ended up with huge honey strips. And now when I look back at photos of that time, all I can think is that it looks like someone’s thrown up in my hair. So you can’t blame me for being a little nervous about returning to the salon.

Layage review

My hair is naturally auburn

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It doesn’t help that hairdressers are constantly telling me not to get rid of my natural auburn hue. But when you’ve been looking at the same thing in the mirror for the past decade, it can get a little boring.

So when I heard about layage, I knew I’d found the perfect subtle-but-noticeable look.

Layage review

My hair was painted while separated on the layage table

What is layage? Well, it’s similar to balayage, except it’s a much more controlled method. It involves hand painting the hair on a large flat board, giving more precision and control – a lot like the fluid painting trend we saw all over Instagram last year. This results in a soft, natural-looking blend.

I visited Katie Allan at Charles Worthington in Covent Garden, who’s definitely the right person to see if you’re a little unsure about the technique. In fact, she’s basically the Queen of layage.

She reassured me that I wouldn’t lose the auburn base of my hair. Instead, two blonde shades would be added where the light would usually hit it. What with summer on its way, it was ideal for giving me that just-been-on-holiday glow.

Layage review

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So what’s it actually like to lay on a layage table? Seems kinda uncomfortable, right? But surprisingly, it wasn’t too bad, and it doesn’t feel like you’re there for that long. The only frustrating thing is not being able to see what’s going on behind your head (because it looks pretty damn cool).

Once my locks had been washed, cut and dried, it was time to see the finished ‘do. I was impressed. Not only was my blow-out seriously swishy, the colour gave me the au naturel lift I was after.

Layage review

I’m not gonna lie, I may be kinda over my phobia.

Fancy trying it out for yourself? Ask for a layage consultation at Charles Worthington Salons. Prices start from £130.