Lauren Goodger Sparks Debate About Body Positivity

Lauren Goodger has just shared some pretty controversial opinions surrounding the idea of ‘plus size’. 

The former reality star has recently embarked on a lifestyle journey, documenting her workouts on social media and releasing a fitness DVD. She had always spoken out about comments on her own weight, but now she’s sharing her thoughts on what she considers to be ‘unhealthy’. 

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Writing in her column for new! magazine, she praised one curvaceous model in particular, writing, ‘I thought plus-size model Ashley Graham looked fab in her latest swimwear campaign last week.

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‘I love her confidence and think it’s great she’s inspiring women of a larger size to embrace their bodies.’

Totally agreed, LG. We think Ashley always looks babin’ and we love that she could be giving other women of all different body types the inspiration to feel body-confident. 

But Lauren continued, ‘But her range caters up to a size 28 and I don’t believe it’s safe to be so big. In my opinion, anything above a size 18 is unhealthy.’

Hmm. We think it’s fabulous that the collection encompasses designs for such a variety of different shapes. 

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Lauren also pointed out, ‘I feel the same about size zero clothing too.

‘I think it sends out the wrong message to girls. It’s unhealthy to be overweight or underweight, and making clothing ranges in such extreme sizes will encourage impressionable girls.’

Every body is beautiful, and ‘healthy’ can look different for different people.

All we know is that we just want everyone to feel happy, healthy and great about themselves.