We love the NARS concealer just as much as Lauren Conrad!

Lauren Conrad Reveals The Concealer She LOVES

It’s fair to say Lauren Conrad knows a thing or two about beauty, she’s earned her credentials working closely with Make-Up Artists for years, launching her own website – thebeautydepartment.com, and our favourite The Hills star, even wrote a book on all things beauty! So when she hails a product a ‘must-have’ we can bet it’s worthy of a spot in our make-up bags…

That’s why we got seriously excited when Lauren revealed her all-time favourite concealer, the NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer, £22. She told Refinery29.com

“Everyone needs a good concealer, and this NARS pick is my favourite. I use it to cover up fine lines, dark spots, under-eye circles, and any other imperfections. It’s incredibly moisturising and never cakey.”

We’ve tried the concealer for ourselves and loved it just as much as LC, so with a thumbs up from the LOOK Beauty Desk and Ms Conrad, this is one beauty buy you need on your pay-day shopping list!

Victoria Jowett