Last-Minute Gram Plans? Here’s How To Slay That Selfie

Promotional feature with Pearl Drops

Calling all Selfie Queens! Get your smile insta-prepped for every (unexpected) scenario…

Let’s face it: we’re not always prepared for everything life throws at us. Especially when we’re all about looking about our best for the social media feed.

And if you’re the type of gal that lives for the gram, making sure your Selfie Queen super-smile is on point is 100% your top priority – even when you’ve found yourself in a last-minute-dot-com scenario.

You know the kind of situations we’re talking about, right? Those awesome texts that come through from your pals at 4:30 on a Friday afternoon that call for a post-work outfit splurge or a hurried locker rummage – hands up who DOESN’T stash a pair of emergency heels alongside their work cereal? You know who you are.

So if one of these occasions has left you in a bit of a flap, chill. The Selfie Queen’s saviour – Pearl Drops Luminous Bright White Toothpolish – is here to slay the day.

The ‘could be the one’ date desk makeover

Swiped right on the bus: matched by lunchtime. Now dream profile wants to take you for romantic sundown drinks on some sassy rooftop. This calls for some serious washroom action – thank heavens you’re prepared. As every desk dater knows, teeth need to be squeaky clean in case of any unexpected close-ups, which is why the Pearl Drops Luminous Bright White Toothpolish should be part of your handbag beauty kit. Not only will it freshen breath, but the instant whitening effect will give your signature red lippie EXTRA pow.

The festival guestlist you TOTALLY weren’t expecting

Grab the glitter brows, you’re off to that badass festival with only a few moments to pack. But before that familiar ‘where did I leave my wellies’ stress drops, grab five minutes to make sure your smile is ready to rock the main stage. For immediate shimmer to compliment your festi-face jewels, Pearl Drops Luminous Bright White Toothpolish, is guaranteed to finish your Coachella-inspired festival look. Using illuminating ingredients for an instant whitening effect, this polish is perfect for fabbing up that Insta-feed and enhancing your own natural glow.

The SATC-esque VIP club opening (eeps)

Remember when your BFF said that her wardrobe was your wardrobe? Now is the time to raid it. You’ve scored a ticket to the hottest launch in town pre-payday, and you’ve got your sights set on her gorgeous vintage wiggle dress – the one that looks SO ridiculously fab with your heeled silver mules. And the finishing touch? An A-lister smile to seal the deal. Perfect for keeping in your bathroom cabinet, the Pearl Drops Luminous Bright White formula contains Pro-Shine complex for VIP-ready instant gloss. Add some bling, then work the room Bradshaw-style.

The impromptu #squad night out

Quiet weekend? Pfft. Saturday’s smugness (morning yoga class followed by a juice-based lunch) is quickly replaced by excitement once the party bomb has been dropped in the squad’s WhatsApp group. Yes, it’s the weekend and you are ready to get lit. Use your Pearl Drops Luminous Bright White Toothpolish to ensure your selfie smile is dazzling – yes, even if you’ve only been given an hour’s notice. Containing essential ingredients accelerate that bright-white, this low-abrasion smile saviour can deliver up to 2 shades whiter teeth in just 1 week, so you’re always guaranteed to be gram ready. 2018 Best Nine: sorted.