Juicy Tube Comeback: Meet Lancome’s New Juicy Shakers

Hands up, who had a Lancôme Juicy Tube in their school bag?

Yep, the iconic Juicy Tubes were a right of passage for most noughties school girls, so when we heard they were making a comeback how could we not let out a little squeal!?

Enter, Lancôme’s all-new Juicy Shakers, £18 each. The new generation lip tints are made from a two-phase formula containing pigments and conditioning oils such as cranberry and sweet almond to give a punchy colour while smoothing lips. Simply shake the tube to activate the formula before swiping on your pout.

Lancôme Juicy Shakers, £18


There are a whopping 13 shades to choose from and one special limited edition shade, Mint To Be, a blue-tinted formula that goes on clear but instantly makes teeth appear whiter – a winner for date nights.

There’s everything for pretty peach hues to bold raspberries and each one has a totally unique sweet scent.

It’s official, we need them ALL.