Meet The Custom Made, Exact Match Makeup Of The Future

Oh oh oh, its magic!

No matter how close your foundation is to your skin colour it’s never quite 100% exact. Of course we have our ways around it. Mixing a couple of bottles together like some sort of artist is actually our special talent.

Or, we like to play the game of picking the closest we can find and just hoping for the best. Obviously, it would be amazing if we could have our very own foundation created for us, right? Right.

Well, Lancôme has heard our prayers and have created a bran spanking new piece of tech which makes a foundation specifically in your shade. Lancôme’s ‘Le Teint Particulier Custom Foundation’ is stepping the foundation game up a notch.

Using precise technology, the machine carefully scans your skin and picks up every colour. The whole process takes around 10 minutes and you’ll leave with your very own perfectly coloured foundation.
‘Trendmood’, a makeup news Instagram account posted a video showing how this magical machine works. They captioned the vid: ‘Finally, our prayers have been answered,’ and we sure can second that. And if  that wasn’t enough to get you excited (I mean, how could it now be), the final product comes with a customised label which has your name, complexion ID and batch number. Neat, huh.
The cool technology has already been introduced in the US with a slightly stressful price tag of a $80. Even more unfortunately, it’s meant to cost a whooping £100 once it makes it’s way over to us. We are yet to decide whether or not we will be prepared to fork out for it, but like it or not it certainly seems like the future of foundation is here…

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