Forget ‘Hygge’, We’re All About New Scandi Trend ‘Lagom’

Say buh-bye to cosy and hey hey to Goldilocks-style limits...

Just when you’d gotten your head around hygge, a brand-new lifestyle movement comes to sweep you off your now-cosy feet. Lagom is younger, cooler Scandi way of life that Instagram is currently obsessing over.

Hygge (pronounced ‘hoo-gah’) can’t be directly translated into English but basically means the art of being cosy. Hot chocolates, cashmere knits, huge throws and big fires all equate to being hygge. Pile it on until you can’t take the cosiness!


Scandi people are the happiest in the world, according to reports

Lagom (lar-gom), in comparison, literally means ‘just the right amount.’ Living life along the lines of being frugal and minimal but with balance. Sounds pretty good and actually doable. Just think, ‘what would Goldilocks do?’

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It’s also a great approach to beauty. Scandi women always look ridiculously cool but with an understated air. It’s like they have rolled out of bed looking incredible. Which is what they want us to believe, the tricky tricksters.


The truth is there is quite a bit of work that goes into looking so low-key beautiful. Hence lagom…

Bring lagoon into your beauty routine

Excess beauty, such as TOWIE-style extensions and false tan, is rarely seen in Sweden. That’s not to say Scandi women don’t love make up. They wear lots of it but in a lagom way.

Pink + Leo Sunday Morning 🎀🐆

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Swedish Stylist Christel Lundqvist, of cool London hair salon STIL, told the MailOnline, “Swedish women do wear plenty of make-up but they want it to look natural. Hair for 2017 is quite undone and natural with plenty of texture and wave.”

You know those top knots all of the coolest Insta babes have that look like no effort at all and then when you try and recreate it… Yeah, that. Just think – something that looks minimal effort but has actually taken you a fair bit of time and you’re proud of it.

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An easy way to introduce lagom into your life is to simplify your skincare regime. Even better if it is aesthetically Scandi. We love The Ordinary’s Instagrammable line of clever potions.

Scandinavians are often voten the happiest people in the world. So, rather than heavily contouring your face into a Kardashian diamond why not try a softer, more lagom approach next time?