We ALL Need To Try Kylie Jenner’s Moisturiser Trick

We all know Kylie Jenner‘s great at make-up. And she’s been teaching us a thing or two about a nifty new way to apply it in her latest make-up tutorial…

Whilst the 18-year-old was prepping her friend’s Victoria’s face in a new 30-second clip entitled ‘Victoria Gets Glam… Makeover Time!‘, we couldn’t help but notice Jenner’s genius new technique for applying moisturiser.

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> Kylie applied Victoria’s moisturiser using her Artis Oval Brush…


Instead of using her fingers, the Keeping Up With The Kardashians star opted for a make-up brush, which she used to work it thoroughly into the skin. 

But it wasn’t just any old make-up brush. Kylie was using the a brush from the super fancy Artis Elite Makeup Brush Collection, which boasts bigger bristles for a flawless finish.

So, what’s the deal with these new, bigger face brushes? Well, they let your moisturiser soak into your skin faster than your fingers would, and also help you to achieve a seamless application and finish once you pop your foundation over the top. 

Artis Brush Oval 10 Brush, £55

> Artis Brush Oval 10 Brush, £55


But don’t just think they work with moisturiser, oh no. They’re also perfect for applying your concealer and foundation, too.

Like Kylie, beauty blogger Ms Rosh Posh is a huge fan of these bristly brushes. She uses it to apply her under-eye concealer, explaining: ‘I love it, it makes my foundation look really, really flawless and I love the application of it.’

So, why should you be swapping your sponges and traditional brushes for a set of Artist Oval Brushes, £32 and £40? Well, we found out…

> Ms Rosh Posh uses her Artis Brush for her under-eye concealer…


1. The textured pad on the handle improves your grip.

2. It has a clever curved handle so you don’t need to twist your wrist to reach your face.

3. There’s 250,000 velvet-soft bristles packed into one brush, they’re made with CosmeFibre filaments to make the finish look flawless.

4. There are 10 sizes in the range, each to be used to apply anything from cream to powder formulas, foundations, eyeliners and bronzer.

5. They look so much cooler stacked on your dressing table! 

Thanks for the tip-off, Kylie. 

Artis Brush Elite Mirror 5 Brush Set, £128

> Artis Brush Elite Mirror 5 Brush Set, £128