This Is Why Kylie Jenner’s Brows Always Look On Fleek

Sometimes we daydream about Kylie Jenner’s eyebrows, after all the mini beauty guru has some seriously superior arches.

But, in a recent make-up free snap some people were left feeling slightly confused when she showcased some suspiciously  flawless looking brows.

Some of her followers took to Twitter to point out that she couldn’t be completely makeup free, like she had said, because her brows were perfectly groomed and even….

One twitter user wrote; ‘I hate how @KylieJenner put on snap all natural today but those are definitely not her natural eyebrows.”


But despite a bit of shade thrown her way, Kylie was quick to respond to the comment and in a helpful way, too. “Tinting your brows. You should try. Life changing! X’, she said. She quickly followed with, “It’s not a clap back! I’m just tryna help a girl out.” Whoever said all girls were out there for themselves.

So, seeing as this best kept secret is clearly the answer to amazing arches lets talk tinting. The best place to go get yours done is in a salon, both Shavata and Blinc Brow Bar offer tinting services, but if you don’t fancy going to a salon there are home tint kits that you can use. Eyelure Pro-Brow Dybrow, £7, just make sure that you do a patch test before applying any dye to your skin.