Kylie Jenner On How She Stays Pretty On A Flight

Considering the Kardashians are one of the most jet-setting families in showbiz, it’s no wonder Kylie Jenner’s perfected the art of staying pretty whilst on her travels.

We all know the pitfalls that come with flying – dry skin, chapped lips and lank hair from all that in-flight air conditioning. But the 18-year-old is about to help us all out with her top on-the-go beauty tips.

First up, Kylie tackles tanning. 

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kylie jenner in airport outfit in new york Kylie says she never washes her hands on planes… Um, okay


In the exclusive video posted on her website, the Keeping Up With The Kardashians explains her #1 fake tan dilemma, and how she fixes it.

‘I always get spray tans, and if you get spray tans, you know that it kind of comes off on your face first, so this is a little rejuvenation,’ she says whilst holding up her favourite fake tan, Suvara Spray On Sun. 

‘You spray it and leave it overnight, and it kind of just makes your face tan again’, she explains. 

kylie jenner in a grey cap at kendall's house To keep her lips supple, Kylie relies on her Lip Luxe Lip Scrub and Honey Balm


But when it comes to her ultimate travel essential, we have to say – it wasn’t what we were expecting. Namely because her reasoning is a little weird…

‘I always travel with Purell [hand sanitiser] because when you’re on planes and stuff, they say the bathroom water is not sanitary, so I never wash my hands in the bathroom, Kylie explains.

We’re not going to go with that being 100% true, but still – there’s nothing wrong with keeping those hands clean, we guess!

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kylie jenner in an airport bathroom It’s Victoria’s Secret all the way when it comes to Kylie’s favourite perfume…


Next up, lips – Jenner relies on Lip Luxe Lip Scrub and Honey Balm to keep her pout hydrated, and sprays her face with Mario Badescu Facial Spray With Aloe, Herbs and Rosewater so it remains dewy. 

So, what about the perfume she couldn’t travel without? Well, just like her lingerie, it’s Victoria’s Secret all the way, with Kylie citing the brand’s Coconut Passion Fragrance Mist as her favourite.

‘I like it because it’s not that strong and it smells really bomb,’ Jenner says. ‘If you’re not in the mood for perfume, you just spray this everywhere and in your hair, and it just makes you smell nice.’

kylie jenner close up selfie Kylie keeps her skin dewy with a facial mist…


Finally, to her skin supple in-flight, she moisturises with a simple vitamin E oil which she uses on her face, but ‘if you have stretch marks forming it will help with that too’. Nice tip!

And then you have it. You’ve got NO excuse not to look gorgeous at the airport now…