Kylie Jenner’s Latest Tattoo Is In A Very Cheeky Place

Kim Kardashian may once have likened getting a tattoo to ‘putting a bumper sticker on a Bentley’ – but her younger sister Kylie Jenner doesn’t care.

Kylie is now rocking two designs, after visiting famed New York artist Bang Bang yesterday.

We already know that the 18-year-old has a teeny-tiny heart on her upper arm, but her most recent etching is in a rather more cheeky location. Ooh.

> Kylie Jenner already has a heart inked on her right arm


Kylie posted a Snapchat video from the parlour, which saw her nervously covering her face as Bang Bang got to work. She then gave us a glimpse of her latest piece of body art.

The inking wasn’t entirely clear, but it appears to be some kind of scripture on the top of her, er, derrière.

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> Kylie Jenner is being very secretive about her new piece of body art


Kylie’s clearly keen to keep it under wraps, cheekily covering her lips with her finger in the clip.

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> What *does* Kylie Jenner’s new tattoo say?


Could it be her boyfriend Tyga’s name?! He DOES have hers permanently scribed on his arm.

Whatever the case, Bang Bang was obviously proud of his work. He jokingly captioned an image of himself and Kylie: ‘My newest victim @kyliejenner.’

> Kylie Jenner and Bang Bang both got to work with the needle yesterday


However, it wasn’t only him who was doing the tattooing. Kylie actually had a go herself, adding to Bang Bang’s leg collection.

The artist – real name Keith McCurdy – shared an Instagram video of Kylie wielding the needle. He’s a braver man than us…

> Kylie Jenner gets to work


Kylie etched the letter K and a crown onto his ankle, most likely referencing her Instagram name King Kylie.

But he didn’t seem to have any regrets afterwards. He happily wrote alongside the vid: ‘kyliejenner and I traded tattoos.’

> Kylie Jenner appears to have quite a talent for tattooing, right?


Let’s hope Kim doesn’t find out about all of this!