4 Things You Can Actually Buy From Kylie’s Sephora Splurge

If you were an 18-year old millionaire what would you spend your weekends doing? Spending $1185 on makeup DUH. Yep, King Kylie racked up a pretty impressive bill at Sephora on the weekend and in true Kardashian spirit she decided to Snapchat some of her purchases, just to make us feel a little more sad about the fact that we’ll never be able to spend that much on makeup. WAH.

Rather than taking us through the entire collection (cause she’s kind like that), she showcased some of the blushers and highlighters she bought. Apparently, she’s a sucker for a peachy pink blush, and it turns out you can actually get your hands on the majority of them right here. Woop.

Benefit’s Cheekathon Palette Benefit’s Cheekathon Palette

In her snaps she showed off Benefit’s Cheekathon Palette, £44.50, a 5-shade blusher box with a brush, then moved the camera onto Becca’s infamous Champagne Pop Highlighter, £32 – if you know, you know, right.

Becca's Champagne Pop Highlighter Becca’s Champagne Pop Highlighter

One our personal favourite blushers and one that we’re using right now (we’ve just got so much in common) is up next and it’s Too Faced’s Sweethearts Blush, £24. Just an FYI the three shaded heart shaped trinket leaves your cheeks with the perfect coral flush. We’re pretty obsessed. She also gushed about Laura Mercier’s latest Bronzed Butter Face & Body Veil, £39, a creamy formula that you can use to highlight pretty much anywhere.

Too Faced’s Sweethearts Blush Too Faced’s Sweethearts Blush

Bronzed Butter Face & Body Veil Bronzed Butter Face & Body Veil

Since we cant all afford to splash a months salary on makeup * sigh *, we’re thinking we’ll limit ourselves to just these four, which sadly still come in at an eye watering £139.50. Just try and hold out till payday, guys.