Kylie Jenner’s £4 Secret To Getting Perfect Eyelashes

She might be a multi-gazillionaire, but the secret to getting Kylie Jenner's perfect eyelashes won't even cost you a fiver…

Love ’em or hate them – no one can deny that the Kardashian-Jenner klan have a pretty enviable life. From all the clothes, shoes, best makeup and glam squad going – if they have it, we want it. And along with the long, long list of things the K-Dash-Jenners have that we want: perfect eyelashes are somewhere towards the top of the list.

‘Cos not only does Kylie Jenner have incredible skin, brows and hair – her lashes are that of a small doe-eyed deer. Like the Snapchat filter but IRL.


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And where as you might think Kylie pays thousands of pounds to give her lashes the real Hollywood treatment, the reality couldn’t really be further from the truth. Because luckily for us, Kylie’s perfect eyelashes are actually all down to a BARGAIN brand. That’ll set you back a whopping….. £4.

That’s what we like to hear.

The brand in question? Well it’s only Ardell Lashes – that you can literally pick up from your local Boots or Superdrug.

Fridays were meant for treating yourself to your favorite #Ardell lashes! ❤️ Shoutout to @iwantalexx!

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There are loads of different variations of lashes that Ardell do, but if you really want Kylie’s fluttery falsies, she swears by the Wispies.

It turns out that Kylie’s such a big ol’ fan of these budget beauties that she’s actually been using them for YEARS. LOOK, here’s insta-proof from ruddy ages ago…

Lashes on fleek bbz. Brb we’re just off to Boots…