Kylie Jenner Takes Her New Hair To A Public Vote

We’ve all asked for opinions when thinking about switching up our hair colour, right? 

We care what our BFF, our boyfriend, our work pals – but maybe not so much our parents! – will think of our new look. 

In fact, some of us may have even thrown the question out on social media.

>Kylie Jenner’s latest colour experiment was this lush bubblegum pink hue 

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But, with our personal follower count probably being in the hundreds or mere few thousands, we probably wouldn’t expect to get anything compared to the reaction as, say, Kylie Jenner.  

Thanks to this little lady, we can put it to the test. As that’s exactly what she did last night. 

Pondering her next colour change, the teen took to her many social media channels.



The Keeping Up With The Kardashians star shared two throwback snaps, one with her neon mint green tresses, and another with her chopped teal lob. She posed the simple question, ‘Guys teal or mint for my next sugar factory event? I can’t decide’.

Naturally, her phone must have been pinging with notifications, as her Facebook debate alone wracked up over 9,000 responses. 

She then decided to take a poll on Twitter, with almost 150,000 votes cast. 

Just. WOW. 



In case you’re wondering, teal won the vote with 59%. Kylie pondered, ‘Haven’t done teal in a while’.

So, that’s that then? Decision made? 

OH NO. Kylie’s gone and thrown a curveball. 

When asked by a follower if she’d made up her mind, the 18-year-old teased, ‘Think I’m gonna do something new! inspired’. 

Way to leave us hanging, KJ.