Kylie Jenner On The Beauty Trend She Won’t Be Reviving

Have you noticed anything different about Kylie Jenner‘s look lately?

Yes, she’s back to her natural short hair, but it’s not that. And she’s toned down her lip liner a bit, we agree… But that’s not what we mean.

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kylie jenner nails Kylie Jenner used to be known for her long, statement talons


Look a little closer at her hands… Getting any warmer?

Well, if you’re a fan of the 18-year-old, you may have noticed that her infamously long talons have disappeared. And now we know why.

Speaking about why she’s returned to shorter, blunter nails, Kylie told PeopleStyle:


kylie jenner nails Kylie’s nails are now shorter and blunter – and she said she’s NOT going back…


‘I just sat down and looked at my nails and realized long nails were so weird looking on me. I cut them off, and I don’t think I’ll ever go back. It was a trend, and I wanted to switch it up. I liked the natural look right now.’

Never go back?! Wowza. That’s one bold claim for the teenager who became known for her dramatic, statement talons.

The Keeping Up With The Kardashians star was speaking at the launch of her King Kylie nail polish kollection with SinfulColors, with her new range rolling out on March 1. 

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kylie jenner nails Kylie recently tapped into the coffin nails trend


‘I feel like nails are very important to me, Kylie continued. ‘And it’s definitely another way of self-expression. I think it adds something to your style.’ 

So, what nail polish hue is the teenager feeling right now? ‘I love girly nudes,’ she said, before adding that she feels like ‘teal’ is her ‘signature colour.’

Loving this new look for Kylie. Here’s to embracing all-natural nails!

kylie jenner nail varnish sinfulcolors Kylie’s just launched a new collection with US brand SinfulColors