Something Went Very Wrong With Kylie Jenner’s Lip Kit

People are not happy with Kylie Jenner right now. To be more precise, it’s her Lip Kit’s website that’s been taking some criticism on social media. 

The beauty mogul restocked her line earlier this week, and her fans wasted no time in flocking to the website and shopping up a storm, making them an almost instant sell out. Standard. 


But amongst all of the tweets of praise and excitement, a few customers shared some negative experiences. Many claimed that their personal information had been exposed.

And according to TMZ, when users tried to log on to the site to get their hands on some of KJ’s latest product, they were sent to other customer’s accounts.

What’s more, they say that they could access information which included the customer’s names, email addresses and order histories.



Customers were complaining about the issue on Twitter, with comments including: ‘@kyliecosmetics how about getting your site security fixed. I just got some random girls info up on my screen, when I went to login. #notcool’ and ‘guys you’ve had a security breach I can see loads of different personal account information’ [sic].


It seems that Kylie’s company made a quick fix, with the Kylie Cosmetics Twitter account announcing that they were making changes to the shopping site.

We pressume that Kylie herself took control of the account, as the tweets read, ‘I’m going to change our holding page (“the line” which keeps my site from crashing because of the mass amounts of people)…

‘And find an alternative that still keeps my site up and running. I don’t like it either.’

She followed up, ‘But I love you guys and my passion for my business is very serious.’