The Sad Reason Kylie Jenner’s Having To Change Her Lip Kit

Kylie Jenner is going to have to make a big change to her Lip Kits. And it’s for a pretty serious reason too.

The beauty entrepreneur’s lacquers have been proving incredibly popular, selling out each and every time they’re restocked. But there’s one big problem that’s left her with quite a few unhappy customers.


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As well as the fourteen shades of glosses and liners, Ky’s cosmetic lines boasts a very distinctive packaging design. Herein lies the problem, apparently.

It seems that handfuls of Kylie Jenner fans have not been receiving their orders. According to the Better Business Bureau, customers’ lip kits are getting stolen during the delivery process, due to the recognisable box that the lip kits are mailed in.

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See: Kylie Jenner Makes A BIG Change To Her Lip Kits

The kits are shipped in an ever-so-pretty white box, complete with the glossy drip design that’s become synonymous with the sought-after product.

We mean, it’s pretty clear what’s hiding in this box, isn’t it?

A message on the BBB’s website states, ‘Currently the BBB is receiving multiple complaints from this company’s customers claiming that after ordering and paying for products, some or all of the products are not being shipped as expected.’



Kylie Cosmetics are reportedly going to be changing the labelling on their packaging, so that their shipments are more discreet.

It’s pretty sad that they’re being forced to do away with their design, but it’s great to hear that they’re putting their customers first.

Nice work, Kylie.