People Aren’t Happy With Kylie Jenner’s Gloss Applicators

Kylie Jenner has come under fire for the quality of her Lip Kits. Eek.

After the huge success of her matte collection, the 18-year-old’s gloss line came out at the start of the month.

She’d actually made a couple of last-minute changes to the products, telling us on Snapchat that she’d altered the applicators.

Kylie Jenner has changed the wands of her glosses


But unfortunately for Kylie, not everyone received the updated wands. One of those affected was make-up artist Jeffree Star, who took to Twitter to complain.

Jeffree shared a picture of his lippies, writing: ‘So I got the new @kyliecosmetics lip glosses…. SO disappointed in this product. That wand is unacceptable.

‘Those were brand-new straight out of the box, and I pulled them out for the first time and saw that… umm…’

Jeffree Star shared this photo of his Lip Kit. Twitter: @JeffreeStar


This prompted a number of his followers to share similar complaints, after which he added: ‘My timeline will NOT stop with all of these broken wands… I guess the epidemic is real.’

But it seems Kylie really does care about her customers, as she later assured those affected that they’d be receiving replacements.

Writing on the Kylie Cosmetics Instagram page, she said: ‘I care a lot about the quality of my products.

Kylie Jenner clearly cares about the quality of her Lip Kits


‘As you can see from my matte lips.. I changed my entire matte formula in the first month to be less dry and thick and I changed the wand to be more comfortable because I listen to you guys, and I love perfection.

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‘So good or bad, I love hearing your feedback. When I saw the problem with my lip gloss brushes I stopped all production and changed it.


‘Life is a learning experience and we learn from our mistakes. Only a small amount of the old brushes were sold and I can now confirm that next week we are sending new brushes/glosses to EVERYONE that ordered on 4/1…

‘Only my new brush has been available since 4/1 and on the second release we sold over 200,000 of them so that’s amazing.

‘Love you guys more than you know. I’m always listening. -Kylie Ps. No need to email. We are automatically sending to everyone!’

Kylie Jenner’s friends often model her cosmetics


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And happily, there don’t seem to be any issues between Kylie and Jeffree. Afterwards, he Tweeted: ‘There’s no beef, I just have a passion for makeup and this industry. Glad the issue is now resolved.’

Kylie replied: ‘I have the same passion