Kylie Jenner Just Had *The* Most Dramatic Weekend

So Kylie Jenner has had a pretty dramatic weekend.

Video footage has emerged of the horrifying moment the 18-year-old was attacked by a fan after a night out at a Chris Brown concert on Friday night.

The overzealous devotee yanked on Kylie’s green hair – which is thought to be a wig – as she left the venue in Anaheim, California, leaving her looking shocked and confused.

In the clip, she can be seen yelping and clutching her head as the fan grabs the ends of her locks.

> Kylie Jenner was visibly shocked


Luckily, Kylie’s security team were quick to intervene and she was able to continue on her way. Her boyfriend Tyga was also on hand to lend his support.

Aside from the dramatic incident, Kylie seemed to be having a great time at Chris’s concert.

She posted Snapchats of herself dancing with older sister Khloe Kardashian, getting particularly excited when Tyga, 25, came on stage to perform their song Ayo.

But she may have been put off wearing the green hairpiece for a while, later uploading vids of herself with her natural dark colour.

> Kylie Jenner soon reverted back to dark hair


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This wasn’t the only controversial thing Kylie has had to deal with over the past few days.

Earlier on Friday, Jessica Alba alleged that she’d been ‘shoved out of the way’ by Kylie’s bodyguards as they left New York Fashion Week’s Opening Ceremony last Sunday.

‘I was just really shocked and it was like by two of them. I thought there was a fire… I thought like, what’s going on?’ said Jessica on Watch What Happens Live.

> Jessica Alba spoke about the incident on US TV


‘I guess someone was just leaving the building. Yeah, I don’t know, it was just real shocking.’

However, Kylie made amends by sending the 34-year-old actress a stunning floral arrangement. Aww.

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Jessica shared an image of the flowers on her Instagram page, captioning it: ‘Wow! Came home to the most beautiful flower tree I’ve ever seen! Thank you @kyliejenner you are a sweetheart!! So thoughtful.’

> Kylie Jenner gifted Jessica Alba with a stunning bouquet


Let’s hope next week is a little more chilled for Kylie.

Watch the video of the hair-grabbing incident below…