Kylie Jenner Chops Her Hair Into A Chin-Grazing Bob. For Real This Time!

For once KJ's new look isn't clever wig trickery...

After playing around with wigs and hair pieces, Kylie Jenner showed off her actual hair recently after deciding to cut it short.

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The brunette shared her hair news on social media (where else) showing fans on Snapchat that her glossy locks had indeed been snipped.

Kylie shared the news on Snapchat

Jenner also zoomed into an area of hair by her temple, revealed a patch of still-blonde follicles.

kylie jenner

Deciding to dip your head into a vat of bleach is major. Even with the help of hair-rebuilding potions like Olaplex and Smartbond, lifting your colour to the icy levels Kyles hit in 2016 can take its toll.

Perhaps Kylie’s new bob is the result of bad bleach? Rather than dye over the damage, Jenner just ditched it? We can’t think of a chicer way to do it, to be fair.

Part of her hair is still blonde

A fan who was still unsure as to whether the 19-year-old had really cut off her long hair asked her outright on Twitter to which she responded…

kylie jenner twitter

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Kylie showed off a peroxide blunt-cut bob over a week ago sending fans into wild speculation that she’d hit the bottle again. Alas no but the wig obviously gave Kylie inspiration for her next look.

kylie jenner

While we love this new chin-length, super-sleek look we doubt Kylie will settle on it for very long. She’s far too keen on a change.

And why not when you look good with every single hair colour and style?