Kylie Jenner Tells Us How To Get Her Slick Wet Eye Look

This is a must-try for 2017!

If you’re ever looking to try something new in the world of beauty, we recommend getting lost in a Kylie Jenner Instagram hole. The 19-year-old is obsessed with beauty and never afraid to try a brand new out there look. She’s also very generous with her knowledge.

Late last year Kylie shared a selfie on Instagram. Not exactly groundbreaking but it was her eye make up we were drawn to.

Kylie Jenner reveals the secret to glossy lids

Instead of her usual peachy shadow or cat eye flicks, Kyle’s eyes had the slickest gleaming layer we had ever seen. As well as being totally wet-look, it was also sultry and oh-so-sexy. How did she manage it without ending up with half the gloss in her eyeballs or down the side of her chops? Well…

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Vaseline just won’t cut the mustard for this kind of eye. All you will end up with is a slightly greasy lid. We want high voltage gloss to rival KJ’s.

Achieving a wicked glossy eye isn’t actually all that tricky. Kylie let us into her secret on her app. First up, smooth an eye primer across the lips to prep. This will keep your shadow in place and curb budges, o matter how much shine you pile on.

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Next pick your shadow shade. Kylie went for a gorgeous matte coffee shade called “Beach” from her Kyshadow The Burgundy Palette. Jenner filled in her lids with this hue then added depth with “LA”, a fiery copper shadow. She lined her lower lash line with the same colour for a more intense look.

It’s all down to MAC Lipglass!

Follow your shadow with a generous coat of mascara. This will help your eyes to stand out and not be overwhelmed by gloss. Kylie is a big fan of adding false lashes to up the drama.

kylie jenner

Last but certainly not least, the gloss. Kylie’s not-so-secret trick to hi-shine lids is to dab MAC Lipglass in Clear on the top of her eye shadow. Sticky but so worth it when you get shine like Jenner’s.

Merci, Kylie. We’re off to grab a tube of gloss and try this right now…