Kylie Jenner’s Glam Room Will Make *Every* Girl Jealous

Kylie Jenner has given us a very special glimpse of her glam room – and we may be a TEENY bit jealous.

We already know that the 18-year-old lives in a five-bedroom $2.7 million in Calabasas, California (*sigh*), but we didn’t realise quite how luxurious it was.

Now Kylie’s shown us around the place she gets ready every day, shooting a green eye-inducing video for her website.

> Kylie Jenner has a HUGE make-up collection


This isn’t actually the first time we’ve seen the room. Back in September, she proudly filmed her make-up stash and gave us a quick look at her large collection of wigs.

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But it IS the first time she’s taken us on a guided tour. Which has taught us quite a bit, tbh.

> Kylie Jenner shows us her wigs


In one part of the clip, she describes each of her headpieces to us.

She first shows us the fringed brunette creation she wore to this year’s MTV VMAs, before introducing us to the green wig she was sporting when a fan tried to grab her after a press appearance two months ago.

Showing her sense of humour, Kylie dryly comments: ‘This is my green one that I wore for Sugar Factory – that almost got snatched off my head. Good times.’

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> Kylie Jenner was wearing the green wig when she was attacked in September


She’s happy to admit that her range of make-up is pretty insane, saying: ‘I didn’t realise much make-up I had until everyone was like: “You have so much make-up.”

‘But people just like send me a lot of stuff. I love make-up and doing make-up.’

She also has a light set up just for taking selfies (natch) and a quartz crystal for good energy.

> Kylie Jenner lets slip her selfie secret


Unfortunately for the Keeping Up With The Kardashians teen, she hasn’t been so full of good energy this week.

She’s currently in New York, but hasn’t been feeling entirely herself while away from home. She Tweeted this morning: ‘Early morning in NYC. Too bad I felt under the weather during this trip :(.’ Boooo.

But she’s quick to point out that this ISN’T why she skipped her older sister Kendall Jenner‘s debut Victoria’s Secret show last night.

> Kendall Jenner made her Victoria’s Secret debut yesterday


Instead, she reassured fans: ‘She didn’t want all the pressure! She was everything tho.’ Nawww.