Take A Look Inside Kylie Jenner’s Crazy Glam Room

Kylie Jenner just gave us a glimpse into the most *exciting* part of her house… the glam room.

After the Keeping Up With The Kardashians girl moved into her £1.8 million California pad last month, she swiftly showed us her lounge, ginormous shoe closet and courtyard.

But now she’s taken us on a tour around the place where she gets ready every morning. And it’s even more spectacular than we imagined.

> Kylie Jenner takes us into her house


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Kylie, 18, posted a video of the room on her app yesterday, telling fans: ‘This is my favourite room in the house. I spend all my time here.’

> No wonder Kylie Jenner spends so long in her glam room…


We then see drawers full of make-up products, including liners, eyeshadows, blushers and mascaras. As expected, her lip collection is TOTALLY off the scale.

She’s the proud owner of lipsticks and glosses in dozens of different colours. Wowzers.

> Kylie Jenner has an insane selection of lipsticks


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So what else is in the room?

Sweetly, she’s had an old-school photo of her big sisters Kourtney, Khloe and Kim Kardashian framed. There’s also plenty of theatre-style mirrors, salon chairs and twinkling candles.

> Kylie Jenner keeps a picture of her sisters in the room. Aw


We all know Kylie is a big fan of wigs, and this is where she stores her collection. These include her famed light blue lob, a wavy auburn creation and a flowing blonde headpiece.

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> Kylie Jenner has an impressive wig collection


At the end of the video, Kylie gives a very special glimpse of her upcoming lip collection. She teases viewers by saying: ‘Here’s a little preview of the Kylie Lip Kit.’ Ooh.

Kylie has become known for rocking a coffee-coloured pout and, true to form, we then see her apply a mocha-coloured gloss.

> Kylie Jenner gives us a look at her lip line


Want to see inside Kylie’s glam room for yourself? Watch the clip below…