Kylie Jenner’s Latest Beauty ‘Obsession’ Takes 5 Hours

Kylie Jenner has definitely become something of a beauty mogul. 

It’s no secret that her lip kit range flies off the shelves every time it’s restocked, and with the launch of her Sinful Colors nail collaboration, her business just keeps on growing.

Sure, everyone used to talk about those lips. But now, it’s safe to say, that we’re ALL looking at her nails.


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Why? Well, aside from the fact that they’re always on fleek, she’s just made a pretty shocking revelation about them.

Speaking to PEOPLE StyleWatch, the 18-year-old said, ‘I get my nails done every week. I’ve sat literally for four to five hours doing them…’

Hold up. That right there. Five hours?!

Blimey. That must take a lot of patience.


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She continued, ‘I used to spend so much time doing the craziest artwork.’

The Keeping Up With The Kardashians star admits she’s got an ‘obsession’. And it seems to stem from her mum.



The teen explained, ‘My mom always drilled it in my head to have nice, pretty nails. It’s just really important to her.

‘Anytime she meets someone, she’ll look at your fingernails. I never cared when I was younger and I hated getting my nails done. It just took up my play time. But she likes pretty nails, so that’s where I got my nail obsession.’



It’s worked out, as Ky’s nails are ALWAYS on point.  

Total #NailGoals.