Kylie Jenner Has A Genius Eyeliner Trick For You To Try

Er. How is Kylie Jenner NOT a make-up artist?

That’s the question we were asking ourselves when we saw a video of the Keeping Up With The Kardashians teen revealing her clever eyeliner hack this morning.

In a clip entitled Kylie’s Clique: Tiffany Touch-Up, Kylie showed us exactly how she perfects her signature cat-eye flick by demonstrating on her former tutor Tiffany Sorya.

> Kylie Jenner often practises make-up on Tiffany Sorya


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Before painting on the liner, the 18-year-old placed two pieces of Scotch tape beneath her pal’s eyes, extending past the outer corners at an upward angle.

The tape acts as a guide for the pen, helping to ensure that the lines are precise and the tails are even.

> Kylie Jenner places Scotch tape below Tiffany Sorya’s peepers


Now this isn’t exactly a new method. In fact, it’s pretty popular within the beauty industry and on the blogging circuit.

However, Kylie’s expert application shows just how much of a make-up connoisseur she’s become. And it’s no wonder, considering she gets to see the professionals at work on herself and her sisters every day.

> Kylie Jenner is pretty skilled at make-up


This isn’t even the first time she’s shown fans her skills as an artist. Earlier this week, she let us in on a genius tip for putting on moisturiser.

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Instead of using her fingers, the famous teen opted for a make-up brush, which she used to work the product thoroughly into the skin.

But it wasn’t just any old brush. Kylie was using a piece from the super fancy Artis Elite Makeup Brush Collection, which boasts bigger bristles for a flawless finish.

> Kylie applied her friend’s moisturiser using her Artis Oval Brush


After seeing her more recent video, we’re not particularly surprised that Kylie’s make-up talents are so honed.

It turns out she’s been practising rather a lot, telling viewers: ‘I do Tiffany’s make-up all the time. Like, any time I’m bored or I’m sad or anything, I just call her and do her make-up.’

> Kylie Jenner gets to work on the base for Tiffany Sorya’s eye make-up



Not bad for Tiffany, eh?!